Who the hell is Trey Carmichael?

Trey Carmichael CEO of Local Crown

Trey Carmichael, CEO of Local Crown

Trey Carmichael is a young Business consultant that has been doing business in some way shape or for since he was a child, From growing up seeing both parents work for themselves, hustling kids in the hallway with candy, starting a non profit and selling drugs in high school, and working with business owners since he was just 18 years old. He has been labeled as the 22 year old systems genius, the swami of systems, the connector, and the link by business owners and show hosts around the world.

Trey Carmichael was the founder of the Virtually Limitless, LLC and podcast before it was dissolved because he decided he wanted to serve a more ideal target market. Trey is driven by the ripple effect and the audience that Virtually Limitless attracted in the online space did not make a true ripple. Coaches, Consultants, and agency owners just don't get the results they say they do these days and serving these people he found himself feeling unfulfilled.

Since then Trey has created Local Crown, LLC serving local business owners who are really working hard to build their empires. He realized that when you help to scale a REAL company you are actually stimulating the economy, you are feeding that business owners family, you are feeding the employees' families, and so on.

How can Trey help you?

Local Crown, LLC was created to help business owners claim their crown online while focusing on what they do best. Local Crown brings business owners the growth solutions they need from social media marketing to SEO and web design they have you covered.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Local Domination
  • Automating your hiring process
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Operations Consulting
  • Web Development
  • Product Sourcing
  • Brand Development
  • Business Financing
  • Earned Media Consulting

Who can't Trey serve?

  • People with a build it and they will come mentality
  • People who want to automate everything and forget about the client
  • People who lack integrity and transparency
  • People who cannot verify the claims they make
  • People who still think 7 figures happens over night
  • People who lack drive
  • People who ONLY care about the money
  • People who are not willing to follow up with and close their f*cking leads...

Who can Trey help?

  • Experts in their space who lack digital presence
  • Service providers and contractors who love what they do and do great work but lack online presence
  • Real estate professionals ((check with compliance)) who just want to focus on their clients
  • Local Professionals that are ready to scale their practice
  • Medical providers that are ready to upgrade their online presence
  • Most businesses that serve a local area and wish to secure their google rankings
  • Podcasters that want to automate their process
  • Agency owners that want to get more consistent client results ((Vetted heavily))
Trey Carmichael - Founder of Local Crown, LLC

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