What the hell even is public relations?

Ultimately, Public Relations is any interaction that your business has with the public.

So why is it so important?

People make buying decisions after first researching companies, even if you dump millions of dollars into advertising if you don't have an authoritative narrative surrounding your brand then ultimately you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

What are the main ways to control your narrative?

Press releases

When you write and release press releases about your business regularly these can help saturate your most important keywords, all while keeping your audience up to date AND the updates are coming from different news outlets which appears to the untrained eye as earned media.


Podcasting is an extremely powerful tool for building backlinks and brand mentions, Building your Network, and Positioning you as an Authority by being seen in close quarters with folks that people already know like and trust. You also create a mass amount of content that is simple to repurpose.

Media Appearances

Media Appearances can help position your business as an authority simple by your name and face being associated with an already trusted source. This can include Guest Posts or Mentions in high authority publications, Podcast and Radio Interviews, and even TV interviews.

How long does it take to get results?

The short answer is simply...

It Depends.

The main thing that it depends on is what your goals are, how competitive your Google keywords are, and where you are at in your journey.

As soon as you sign a contract with us we will start working to implement a plan to position you and your business as proper authorities.

If your project does not require website development or anything like that you will typically start seeing some results and get on to the news tab for your name or business name on Google within 1-2 weeks. This ultimately comes down a lot to you as well. Typically we can have a couple of press releases drafted within 2-3 days of onboarding and have them distributed within 2 business days of receiving approval from you.

If your project requires website development, videography, or anything like that it can take up to the second month with us to truly see a result. We do our best to deliver developments as quickly as possible but when demand is high all we can commit to is that 30 day window.

Do you require an ongoing contract?

The simple answer once again is it depends on the project. Even on contracts that we require a longer commitment on they usually start at 3 months. Not all projects require a 3 month commitment though.

How much does it cost?

Alright, this should be the last time that I tell you this but....

It Depends.

It depend on your business goals, the competition of your keywords, and ultimately the industry you are in as well.

Our cost can vary when syndicating press releases and securing media placements for different industries.

For instance...

Any campaign falling under the category of Supplements, Political News, Adult Products or Services, Fire Arms, Crypto, and other similar industries require a slightly larger budget because our delivery costs are higher and they take more time and elbow grease to get approved often time.

So what does the process actually look like?

  1. Lock in a time on with Trey Carmichael via Calendly below. Make sure you fill out the form effectively so that Trey can do some research ahead of time and everyone's time is respected.

  2. You and Trey will brainstorm a plan for your unique business and goals.

  3. Trey and the team will put together a proposal for your project.

  4. After the contract is signed you will schedule an onboarding call.

  5. On this onboarding call we will craft a more detailed plan to recalibrate the narrative around you and your brand online.

  6. After the call the team will begin the agreed upon work.

  7. Any completed drafts will be sent to you for approval and we will need a thumbs up from you before we run them. After we form an ongoing working relationship you can submit written consent to us to run specific things without approval to pull you out of the process.

What do we need for you?

Calendar Access

In order to effectively book you on podcasts, radio, or TV we will need access to you Calendar one way or another. The most effective way is for you to create an account on Calendly with 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute spots available and your availability setup properly.

Bios and Images

We will need Bios and Images for any c-suites, board members, or brand representatives that we will be pitching for media placements.


What we do requires a certain level of commitment from the client as well. We will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting however you still have to give approvals in a timely manner AND show up on time and ready to do what you do best when we book you media placements. If we book you a placement and you miss it without communication to reschedule it will still count towards delivery for the month regardless.

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