Meet Trey Carmichael

Trey Carmichael is a young business consultant and Operations Director at He got his start in Digital Marketing when he was given the opportunity to work with Kyler Gifford to help him become a top producing real estate agent.

Since then Trey has been able to work directly or indirectly with hundreds of clients from around the world and from a variety of industries.

From these experiences and getting to see the inside of so many businesses he has crafted his 7 pillar consulting method where he breaks businesses down to their foundational 7 pillars, assists in documenting the tasks that need to be completed under each pillar, and optimizes the systems by seeing the positive and negative patterns from his unique external lens.

From there he helps to place the digital talent needed to operate everything or helps to generate the systems to recruit on site talent as well as introducing you to the partners your business needs to thrive.

Once you are all set up and ready to scale with as few hiccups as possible he helps you grow your authority and overall exposure through the services offered at

Specializing in getting brands and expert authorities featured in the media social marketing solutions is your business's solution to long term authority.

Media Appearances:

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Infinite Impact TV

Leadership is Changing Mash-Up


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